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Monday, October 8, 2007

These Shoes are Made for...Sports?

I watched this video over at With Leather in awe this morning and I’ll admit that when I first saw the title “Stiletto Racing,” I imagined a bunch of chicks tip toeing it down the street. But I was wrong - and, I won’t lie – a little impressed. How there wasn’t a casualty, I don’t know. I can’t walk 10 feet in sneakers without spraining an ankle.

That being said, I started searching youtube for an old shoe commercial in which women play a game of basketball in pumps. Instead, with a mixture of surprise and delight, I found this:

Please keep in mind, guys, that this is only a trailer. There’s much more where this display of athleticism - and who knows what else - came from. Pay attention, WNBA, and your ratings could sky rocket.

Other suggested sports to be played in stilettos:
Women’s Lacrosse
Women’s Field Hockey
Women’s Softball
Men’s Gymnastics

Read more!


Chaucey said...

Video is not playing. Well I want to see that old commercial in which women play a game of basketball in pumps.

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